Shrink4men--Dr. Tara's Smear Campaigns Exposed

Like numerous women with a cluster b personality disorder, Dr. Tara started out fine, but now her blog has been used to personally attack people who have protested to the information she post on her blog. The shrink4men smear campaigns even include Dr. Tara's threats to give personal information about people who have left their emails on her forum and blog. 

To make matters worse, Dr. Tara also has attacked people on her blog, has make fun of hypnosis and NLP, and although she can be found leaving post on blogs that focus upon males seducing women, she also says she doesn't believe in "game". One must question that if Dr. Tara truly doesn't believe in influence, then for what reason is she posting on seduction web sites, even going to the degree of making sure her name is spelled right? 

Cluster b women are infamous for designing smear campaigns, and many of them are in the helping professions. It truly is a sad thing to see a so called expert in psychology attack women like this, and to use her forum and blog as a tool to launch smear campaigns towards people who don't agree with every single thing she says. Borderline women can do no wrong, and cluster b women are very emotional. Dr. Tara is no different. 

It's unusual for psychologist to degrade such wonderful tools as hypnosis and NLP because most competent psychologist integrate hypnosis within their private practices. Then again, Dr. Tara doesn't have a private practice so this perhaps isn't imperative to her. Nevertheless, she is using her blog and forum more and more to create smear campaigns that are stealthily aimed at attacking people. This is traditional textbook behavior. Shrink4men continues to state that her protesters don't upset her a bit, yet if she isn't bothered then why is she writing weird and extremely creepy personal attacks against people who protest her? In one of her post, Dr. Tara was even attempting to tell her readers where one of her protesters lived! 

Cluster b women have the mentality of a two year old, and it would be pleasant to see Dr. Tara grow up. Her supporters behave as though they are brainwashed and believe everything she says, never noticing that Dr. Tara is starting to reveal some of the same behaviors she writes are cluster b oriented.A disordered individual, Kiwihelen, who comes from a screwed up family herself, also proclaims an competence in mental health. Another chaotic member by the name of Shieldmaden uses the blog to post tedious post where she gossips about her husband's private life and their divorce proceedings. By her own admission, Shieldmaden is a co-dependent woman, and her lack of boundaries reveal it in every way. 

There are many good resources on cluster b personality disorders, so think twice about the so called shrink4men. 


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